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Troubled Waters

There is nothing more troubling that reporting for work daily with the uncertainty of continued employment.  Having these troubling feelings are not new for most people, but the difference between those who arrive with confidence and those who arrive concerned is their presentation.
How well do you present yourself?
Knowing what works in a business setting is one thing, but presenting yourself as the working component is another. Your personal self is equal to a package being presented.

Remember To Think Of Others

This is the perfect time to think of others as you make plans to close this year on a good note.  January will be here soon and as most traditionally do, when developing your new year resolution, make sure you incorporate others in this annual plan.
Some great ways of considering others around you can be as simple as the each-one teach-one concept. Take a little time to talk to a young adult or teenager. Offer a little encouragement while listening as a friend. Tell them how much the two of your life experiences are the same and share with them how you overcame your own obstacles.

Polished and Poised

The best way to stand out in crowd is to shine.
In an employment world that has to weed through thousands of candidates, having the best presentation is the most effective way to rise to the top of the potential candidate list.
Making a first impression only happens once, so why not make the most of that one time opportunity. Look well, speak well and act well are great starters to a first impression.
More significantly than looking the part is living the part that you present. To do this, we must start early and the early start begins with mentoring and parenting.
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